More from Sept 29 in NY (Rebecca Rotzler)

Speaking for the Green Party was Rebecca Rotzler, former Deputy Mayor of New Paltz and member of the Green Party National Peace Action Committee.

I do not speak from script, but will give the
sentiments of what I said at the rally. First, the march went by a building
that houses the Homeless Veterans Program, homeless and veterans should
never be in the same sentence. Why do we have a building that s home to a
homeless veterans program and not a building that is home to veterans? I
was speaking on behalf of the Green Party, the only party that has Peace in
it’s platform, and was asked to bring a message to the veterans. The Green
Party stands behind our veterans, we stand behind Iraq Veterans Against the
War (IVAW) and we stand behind our enlisted men and women who RESIST. When
in office I took the same oath to uphold The Constitution as members of IVAW
did, and they are upholding that oath by not agreeing to fight in a illegal
war based on lies. Last November many people came out and voted for
Democrats believing that they were voting against the War but less than a
year later they have done nothing to get us out of Iraq and all they have
done is put more money into the war. Why? The Democrats are funded by the
same corporations that the Republicans are, oil corporations and weapons
manufacturers, the Green Party does not accept corporate donations.

All right, it is hard to bring back stuff that I was screaming, vote peace
in ’07 and ’08, but I did also point out that when I was in office the local
VFW would come to our board to ask permission to hold the Memorial Day
parade on May 30, the traditional day and not the random Monday where
businesses can advertise Memorial Day sales, it may seem like a small
gesture, but now in New Paltz May 30 is recognized as the official Memorial
Day through legislation that I enacted. I know it means a lot to our local

Rebecca Rotzler, NY

More photos



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Pictures from Arlington South

Here are some pictures from a memorial we did in Charlotte this past weekend:

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TONC-DC Blog & news article (Ann Wilcox)

GPAX Friends: Just wanted to forward a “final” blog from the Troops Out Now March against War at Home and Abroad, held on Saturday 9/29 in DC. The article below gives the Wash Post take on the day; we had at least a couple thousand people there, and the article fails to note that this march came at the end of a full month of anti-war activity in DC. But that’s to be expected!

Saturday was another sunny and beautiful day. Marchers gathered by the Capitol Reflecting Pool, forming a colorful crowd of students and people of all ages – protesting the war, Katrina, immigrant rights and other issues. A wide range of signs and banners were evident. Speakers including Jared Ball of the Green Party called on marchers to oppose the war, and all social & economic injustice. Sara “Echo” Steiner of the GP Steering Committee co-emceed the rally with her usual energy, and Malik Rahim of the New Orleans Greens and Common Ground also spoke. Reps of Iraq Veterans against the War, Code Pink and other groups also spoke. After a high-energy rally, we marched through the streets of DC, passing FEMA and ICE (customs immigration), bypassing the usual spots such as the White House.

The rally ended with over 100 students sitting in at Constitution Avenue, later blocking both Const. and Pennsylvania Avenues for over 4 hours! DC police stood by as students set up a “tent city” in the street, danced and chanted. Finally, with numbers dwindling slightly, the group decided to declare the protest ended and come back even stronger next time. By 10:00 pm, most of the tents and structures at the main Encampment were also dismantled. On Sunday, many folks attended a BBQ and fundraiser at the home of Maryland Green Martine Zymandis – a perfect end to a week of activism.

War Protest Draws Small Crowd

Participants Cite Public Apathy in Low Turnout
for Rally at the Capitol

By Carol D. Leonnig
The Washington Post, September 30, 2007

Hundreds of demonstrators, including students and
families, rallied and marched in downtown
Washington yesterday to protest the war in Iraq,
complaining that the Democratic-controlled
Congress has failed to do the public’s bidding
and bring U.S. troops home. (more…)

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Majority in North Carolina wants troops home

(Raleigh) News & Observer

Nearly two of three North Carolinians disapprove of the way President Bush is handling the war in Iraq, according to a new poll from Elon University.

The 65 percent disapproval rating is down slightly from April, when 70 percent said they were unhappy with Bush’s management of the conflict.

The poll was conducted Sept. 24-27 by the Elon University Institute for Politics and Public Affairs. It surveyed 664 North Carolina residents, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percent.

The increase in support for the president’s handling of the war coincides with a small increase in the number of people who approve of the president’s overall job performance, Elon pollsters said.

Of those surveyed, 38 percent either approve or strongly approve of Bush’s performance, compared with a 36 percent approval rating in an April poll by Elon. Among other findings:

– 67 percent support a timetable to withdraw some U.S. troops from Iraq by the beginning of 2009, and 64 percent said that they would support a timetable to withdraw some troops by the summer of 2008.

– About 50 percent said the war with Iraq was not worth fighting, with 53 percent saying the United States should no longer be in Iraq.

– 41 percent think that the war has made the nation less safe from terrorism, down from 50 percent five months earlier. 37 percent said they believe the nation is safer, and 15 percent said it is about the same.

– 56 percent felt the nation is more at risk for terrorist attacks, another drop from April, when the figure stood at 61 percent.

“The war in Iraq continues to burden the Bush administration — citizens are unhappy with the war and apparently becoming more disenchanted with the prospects of it ending anytime soon,” Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University Poll, said in a news release.

“More telling is that a majority of people now believe we should not be there and two-thirds want to see troops start coming home by the beginning of next year. Such findings in a ‘military friendly’ state point to the potential political costs this issue poses for both this administration and the Republican Party over the next year.”

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LA Action September 29 (Dee Taylor)

Approximately 1,000 people participated in the Anti-War March and Rally in downtown Los Angeles Saturday, September 29, 2007. The event was organized by the Troops Out Now Coalition. Messages centered around withdrawing troops from Iraq immediately, stopping an impending war with Iran, freeing the Jenna 6, getting Greens elected to office, and diverting funds from war to services for people in the United States.

Deanna Tom GPAX banner

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Soldiers and Civilians Speak Out march & rally in Syracuse

dsc_7036.jpgOver 2,500 peace activists attended a march and rally in Syracuse, New York on Saturday, September 29, the largest such event in upstate New York since the Vietnam War. Local papers covered it well today.

Called by Iraq Veterans Against the War and active duty soldiers at nearby Fort Drum, the event was hosted by the Syracuse Peace Council, SEIU 1199 the Student Peace Action Network and was endorsed by the New York Green Party.

A few dozen Greens Party members and Green Party State Committee members participated in key roles as organizers and speakers. Prominent in our Green contingent with several banners were Green Party veterans from Korea, Vietnam and both wars against Iraq. Greens from around the state, including Albany, Buffalo, New Paltz, New York City, Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls attended.

Additional photos from the event can be found here.



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Friday DC Encampment update (Ann Wilcox)

GPAX Blog from Troops Out Now Encampment (

On FRIDAY, 9/28 folks at the encampment prepared for a major March Against War at Home and Abroad, to be held Sat., 9/29 beginning with a noon rally.

Friday was Student Activism day, with teach-ins and a contingent of about 50 students marching through the streets of Washington, DC, demanding an end to war, justice for Katrina survivors and end to police repression. They made stops at the US Dept. of Education, Dept. of (In)Justice, and the Armed Forces Recruiting Station at 14th and L St, NW. As they “took the streets back,” the students gained a considerable escort of MPD police vehicles, however there were no arrests. Marchers continued along Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, ending on the Capitol Lawn.

At dusk, TONC campers joined victims of the health-care insurance system and policy-makers at the Lincoln Memorial for the first “Tracy Pierce Memorial Vigil” sponsored by the cast members of the Michael Moore film “Sicko.” Donna Edwards and others featured in the film spoke to the group about their family members who died after being denied health care by the insurance industry; they were also joined by members of the California Nurses Assn who are loyal allies in this struggle. Over 75 people attended this moving vigil – the first of many.

Finally, the TONC Encampment rocked out to the sounds of the Philippine music group BAYAN Philippine Alliance. Their music and poetry opposed repressive policies in the Philippines.

Saturday at 11:00 am, all will gather at the Encampment for a rally and March to End the War at Home and Abroad. Join us!!

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